Generative Energy #26: Talking with Ray Peat: CO2, NAD+/NADH, Antibiotics, Coffee, and More


“Since the contextuality of communication is always in the foreground when I talk or write, you know that someone is confusing me with an authority when they talk about my ‘protocol’ for something. Context is everything, and it’s individual and empirical.” —Raymond Peat, PhD

“Making an effort to learn how to use techniques of food, hormones, light, activity, etc., is similar to the effort needed to work with a psychologist, and the effort itself is part of the therapy—the particular orientation of the psychotherapist isn’t what’s therapeutic, it’s the ability to participate in meaningful interactions, that is, the ability to provide a situation in which the person can practice being human. When people start thinking about the things in their life that can be changed, they are exercising aspects of their organism that had been atrophied by being in an authoritarian culture. Authoritarians talk about protocols, but the only valid ‘protocol’ would be something like ‘perceive, think, act.’” —Raymond Peat, PhD

01:10 - Show outline
01:40 - The passing of Mae-Wan Ho
03:44 - The organisms as a liquid crystalline
04:55 - Magneto biology
06:59 - Ray’s discovery of Vladimir Vernadsky
09:07 - Background on Ray’s books
10:36 - When Ray became more interested in carbon dioxide
15:10 - Carbon dioxide and evolution
17:11 - Ketosis, Carbon Dioxide, and NAD+/NADH
21:24 - The ketone body ratio and electrode physiology
33:35 - Why wasn’t Albert Szent-Györgyi’s work more accepted?
34:29 - “Old” and “new” hormones and signaling substances
38:53 - The “optimal” metabolic state
40:26 - Ray’s thoughts on antibiotics
43:25 - Ray’s thoughts on thyroid brands
44:52 - Ray’s thoughts on synthetic vs. desiccated
45:07 - How Ray makes his coffee
46:45 - The quality of commercial supplements
48:23 - Ray’s upcoming newsletter