Generative Energy #19: Talking with Ray Peat


“Since the contextuality of communication is always in the foreground when I talk or write, you know that someone is confusing me with an authority when they talk about my ‘protocol’ for something. Context is everything, and it’s individual and empirical.” —Raymond Peat, PhD

“Making an effort to learn how to use techniques of food, hormones, light, activity, etc., is similar to the effort needed to work with a psychologist, and the effort itself is part of the therapy—the particular orientation of the psychotherapist isn’t what’s therapeutic, it’s the ability to participate in meaningful interactions, that is, the ability to provide a situation in which the person can practice being human. When people start thinking about the things in their life that can be changed, they are exercising aspects of their organism that had been atrophied by being in an authoritarian culture. Authoritarians talk about protocols, but the only valid ‘protocol’ would be something like ‘perceive, think, act.’” —Ray Peat

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01:10 - What Ray did after he graduated (1956)
08:36 - Understanding Ray’s orientation toward radiation
14:16 - Starting Blake College in Mexico City
17:43 - Madalyn Murray’s involvement in Blake College
31:22 - Madalyn Murray takes over Blake College
36:47 - Ray’s own health journey—the lead up to writing his book, Nutrition for Women (1973)
37:52 - Ray’s consistent thesis
42:42 - Ray’s experience with pregnenolone and vitamin E (1983)
45:29 - When Ray began thinking more seriously about unsaturated fats
47:43 - Ray’s “survival diet”
50:18 - Ray’s new newsletter: Mushrooms—observations and interpretations
53:56 - Button mushrooms are anti-aromatase (and anti-nitric oxide)
54:27 - The amount needed for a biological effect and a recipe
55:31 - Some details about Ray’s own diet
56:09 - Does Ray think everyone has to eat like him?
57:03 - Mushrooms and the alt-view of the immune system
1:01:14 - The mushroom sugar, trehalose
1:02:09 - Is lanosterol like cholesterol?
1:03:28 - Can mushrooms replace meat?
1:04:57 - The new availability of Ray’s newsletter: raypeatsnewsletter@gmail ($28 for 12 issues over 2 years)
1:05:20 - What else are you working on Ray?