Generative Energy #25: A Bioenergetic View of Osteoporosis


“The true method of knowledge is experiment.” —William Blake

“Experience is, for me, the highest authority. The touchstone of validity is my own experience. No other person’s ideas, and none of my own ideas, are as authoritative as my experience. It is to experience that I must return again and again, to discover a closer approximation to truth as it is in the process of becoming in me. Neither the Bible nor the prophets — neither Freud nor research — neither the revelations of God nor man — can take precedence over my own direct experience. My experience is not authoritative because it is infallible. It is the basis of authority because it can always be checked in new primary ways. In this way its frequent error or fallibility is always open to correction.” —Carl Rogers

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01:18 - Estrogen and bone metabolism
06:12 - Women's Health Initiative
10:30 - Mainstream therapies for osteoporosis
11:45 - Osteopotrosis, carbon dioxide, and lactic acid
15:55 - The hormone-like prostaglandins
18:21 - Thyroid, copper, and cytochrome c oxidase
19:55 - Are there any good iron tests?
26:24 - SSRIs, prolactin, and bone health
31:08 - Is Serotonin and Upper or Downer? (2015)
32:35 - Parathyroid hormone, calcium, and phosphate
36:22 - Clickbait health articles
39:33 - Tetracycline antibiotics for osteoporosis
41:50 - What tests would help with determining bone health?
46:45 - Are lab tests infallible?
49:35 - Georgi, where can we find more of your work this week?