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“I can testify that when you are in psychological distress and someone really hears you without passing judgment on you, without trying to take responsibility for you, without trying to mold you, it feels damn good!”
— Carl Rogers (1980)

Coaching Details:

  • Skype for 60-90 minutes related to your interests:

    • hair loss, thyroid, lab tests, libido, digestion, stress, preparing food, etc.

  • Unlimited email support for a month

  • Skype: dannyroddy

  • Email:

My Coaching Style:

For those who have exhausted the many online resources, I offer email and video one-to-one coaching. My coaching style can best be described as an easy-going individual to bounce ideas off of based on my experience, reading, and talking to others. In my experience, the people who get where they want to go develop a high degree of self-knowledge. My role as a "coach" is to facilitate that process by providing the best information available.

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Low Thyroid Symptoms:

“Gradual onset of apathy, gain in weight, edema, especially of hands, feet and face (‘full moon-like’ face and coarse features). Skin dry and scaly. Hair becomes brittle and thin, nails rough, striated and break easily. There are lassitude, fatiguability, drowsiness, imperfect cerebration, even psychosis; poor appetite and constipation; pulse slow, blood pressure low, temperature subnormal; menstruation irregular; may cease or become excessive. Anemia in majority of cases. High cholesterol.” (The Merck Manual, 1947)

Useful Tests:

  • Average Pulse Rate

  • Average Underarm Temperature

  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

  • Total Cholesterol

  • Prolactin

  • Parathyroid Hormone

  • Vitamin D

  • Iron Saturation

  • Serum Phosphorous

  • Reverse T3



My Best-Selling Book (2013)

“I got the package, and have read the book, it’s beautifully done, well organized, and so clearly written.”
— Raymond Peat, PhD (2014)
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Standing on the shoulders of giants (e.g., Otto Warburg, Albert Szent-Györgyi, Gilbert Ling, Ray Peat and others), HAIR LIKE A FOX sets up an alternative “bioenergetic model” of pattern hair loss with a focus on the smallest unit of life, the cell.

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The Baldness Myth (2014)

“...[The] activation of the energy metabolism may be a new strategy to prevent and cure male-pattern alopecia.” Adachi, K., et al. (1999)


Steroid Synthesis

Steroids Low Res.jpg




What Are People Saying?

“For those considering contributing to Danny’s Patreon campaign…his work is the real deal. Here’s my before and after from his coaching. I could go on about all the improvements I’ve experienced, but the obvious visual ones are the elimination of facial swelling, the thickening of head and eyebrow hair, and the healthier distribution of body weight. In the after pic on the right, I weigh 20 pounds more than in the before pic with sized gained in my chest, shoulders, and neck. (My exercise routine didn’t change.) The mental changes were perhaps more profound, but I’ll just say that I am much more content and calm than I’ve ever been in my adult life. This is an unsolicited post. I just think Danny deserves the support.” Nick (2015)
“ Ok so a week ago I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe it. There are a whole ton of small hairs around the crown of my head. They’re about half an inch long, so couldn’t have been there when I got my last haircut. I felt like shouting from the rooftops and dancing around for joy; but only danced around for a while. Anyway, I’ve really gone in on these recommendations and am making sure to bask in the sunlight (through the window, it’s below freezing here). — Email Correspondance
“ ..I had wonderful hair my entire youth, but when I went away to college, my hair receded terribly and I developed horrible eczema. It all promptly stopped when I moved off campus. Only recently did I draw the conclusion that it was the rancid vegetable oils in the dining hall food... That is my entire juvenile hairline filling back in. The hair is in between vellus and terminal. In time, I intend on having my juvenile hairline back with terminal hair. Thanks Danny because I couldn’t have done it without you. — Anthony B. “ Hey Danny. Finished Organizing The Panic and it’s a masterpiece... well done and thank you! — Email “ Almost a year ago I started blindly adopting the diet in ‘HAIR LIKE A FOX’ as I had noticed hair thinning around that time. (it had already receded a good deal over the years before). Within a week I noticed new hairs coming in around front of scalp. weird but true... — Nicholas (‘Hair is Regrowing Testimonial’ on
“ Here are some update pics. I started implementing your advice since December 2013, when I read HAIR LIKE A FOX. It’s been about five months. So in short, things are going great! — Email “
“ I had sky high tsh, thinning hair, 300+ cholesterol and a fat, puffy face after 2 years of paleo/LC. Doc wanted to put me on synthroid. Been following Danny Roddy’s [research] and my hair has grown back, TSH and body temperatures are back in normal range. — Porkey’s Revenge (Paleohacks Forum) “
“ This is more than just a book about hair loss. It’s a “rethinking” of nutrition, and how certain foods interact with your body on a cellular level. This book is well referenced, with the references taking up a huge chunk of this book’s space. While that many references may sound scary, it just shows that Danny has done his homework. And his info and conclusions are not pulled out of thin air. No approach to hair loss, or better health will work for everyone. But this one may be worth taking a chance and seeing how it does for you. You won’t come across many other sources of information this well thought out in regards to nutrition, or hair loss. — Amazon Customer
“Working with Danny has been an absolute pleasure. We’ve never met in person, yet I feel like we’re pretty good friends... And 11months later, I’ve almost regrown my entire juvenile hairline. I can’t say that I benefited from all of Danny’s recommendations, but what I can say is that Danny gave me the motivation to take my health into my own hands and solve my own health problems. There’s a short list of individuals that I cannot thank enough for helping me in my health journey, and Danny is definitely one of them.” Email Correspondence (2015)
“ If I could go back in time and visit myself when I was a 16 year old, apart from telling myself to create a social networking site called facebook, I would have handed myself a copy of Hair Like a Fox. My improvements after six months on the diet are as follows: Hair line remains stable and crown is becoming more dense; decreased anxiety; normalized sleep; elimination of hypoglycaemia; increased clarity of thinkingl Increased libidol muscle gain; tighter and softer skin; increased metabolism; elimination of dandruff; and elimination of acne. — User (Natural Hair Loss Forum) “ I just wanted to add to the discussion that I saw regrowth when sticking to Danny’s suggestions and experimenting with whawt works for me and what not - but I’ve also seen massive shedding after long nights out drinking/smoking and little sleep - because these are lots of stressors, aren’t they? — Tarkus Mörök (Facebook) “
“ ...(1) Resting pulse has increased from high 50s to 70s and 80s. (2) Extremities are warm for a significantly larger portion of the day. Hands are almost always warm now. (3) Energy is better. (4) Teeth are much stronger and smoother. I no longer experience tooth pain. (5) My work (which is quite stressful) is a bit less likely to put me in a bad mood. (6) Some of my hair is regrowing. This result is rather funny because out of all your readers, I am probably among the least concerned about hair. Nonetheless, I’m happy to have it back. It is a fairly safe bet that had I not run across your website, I would not have made these improvements in my health. I still have health problems, but I am finally seeing progress. Thank you. I raise my glass of orange juice in your honor.” Paul
“ Danny has the incredible capacity of transforming what could be a dull subject into something highly palatable. Each chapter is very well referenced and you don’t get to the end of the book with empty hands and ideas, because he converts the scientific talk into practice. A book worth reading, even if you are not in the ‘hairless club’ - you will be surprised to discover hair loss is just one of the side effects of bad nutrition. — Mrs. Desz (Amazon Review)
“ Admittedly I hated this book and the author because I was only looking for some supplements and shampoos and topicals to solve my hair loss. But I re-read the book 3 months later, and wow, I finally understood. hair loss is much more than a supplement or just blocking DHT. Look at the bigger picture. Amazing book. Hair loss research hasn’t moved on since 1960 and the DHT theory. perhaps now is time.
“ To be more specific, not only is sugar / carbs not the devil incarnate, but it is actually very calming and stress relieving. Since jumping from the paleo ship and following a more peat style of eating, I feel MUCH calmer, sleep better, I gained muscle while stopping exercising, and as a 36 yo male with a receding hairline, I have started growing my hair back in less than 2 months (this part I’m still finding hard to believe, but the proof is there, hair is appearing where it hasn’t been in about 5 years). — Commenter