“Treating humans without concept of energy is treating dead matter.”

—Nobel laureate, Albert Szent-Györgyi


Using the pioneering work of Albert Szent-Györgyi, Hans Selye, Broda Barnes, Raymond Peat, Gilbert Ling, and others, The Danny Roddy Weblog investigates stress, aging, and disease through the lens of bioenergetics. While often framed as some kind of pseudoscience, a bioenergetic view of the organism jettisons the misguided concept of "genetic determinism" in favor of better understanding the smallest unit of life, the living cell.


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About Me

"I start with trying to make a context clear, because everyone’s context is different, and meanings change when they are learned. Ideally, things should make no sense until they make the right sense.

—Ray Peat, PhD


Several years ago I played bass in a major label rock band that was touring the world. You would have thought I was having the time of my life. Unfortunately, I was losing my hair in parallel with the bands success. To me, my hair loss was equivalent to the end of the world; I honestly did not want to live in a future without my hair. Yeah, the pressure on the band was that intense. 

As the band gained popularity, my anxiety increased, and I knew I had to be proactive before it was too late. I started bouncing from physician to physician searching for detailed answers to my problems. Out of the 10 or so naturopathic, orthomolecular, and anti-aging doctors I met with, 10 of them prescribed boatloads of pills and hormones that made me feel worse. 

It was not long before I realized that no one was going to fix my health for me

Years later, through vigorous research and an open mind, I have stopped my hair loss, resolved my anxiety and become the bull (libido is great). Make sure to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Trust no one, including me.